Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

What is an aesthetic dentisty?

Aesthetic dentistry allows people to have a healthy and aesthetic mouth. It performs the treatment of dental caries, worn teeth, colored teeth (whitening), sensitive teeth, intermittent teeth, broken teeth, teeth that are deformed in shape, texture and shape.

For these treatments, light white fillers, inlays-onlays, fiber applications, whitening methods, tender removers, laser technology and laminate applications are utilized.

What treatments does smile design contain?

– Teeth whitening

– Pink aesthetics

– Zirconium or porcelain veneers

– Bonding

– Orthodontic treatments

– Laminate porcelain

– Lip contour shaping

– Implant

What problems does smile design eliminate?

– Dental colour problems

– Deformations in the gums

– Disturbances in the alignment of the teeth

– Irregular spaces between teeth

– Lost teeth

– Shape deformations in the face

– Discrepancies in tooth length

– Broken and cracked tooth structures

What are the stages and how is the process of smile design taking place?

Smile design can be completed in a shorter period as well as spread on a long turn, depending on the process to be performed. In the first application step, the person is informed about his or her mouth structure and dental health. Everything that the person is not aware of or is aware of until that day is assessed and informations are given. Severe problems that will be caused by closure problems in the teeth or gum problems are addressed. By taking these into consideration, a proper planning and a treatment plan is made for both the desired appearance and the improvement. If the person’s problems include only teeth and gums, results will be obtained within a few weeks. If orthodontic treatment or operation is required, these may take up to 6 months to complet.

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